Sunday, 4 January 2009

The New Doctor Who.

The Real Conservative Party.

Back in the nineteen eighties when the Conservative Party were last in power the Conservative Party were viewed as the nasty party. A party only interested in money. A party knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing. They were viewed as racist and homophobic with there attitudes to apartheid in South Africa and the famous Clause twenty four that forbid mention of homosexuality in schools. They were also viewed as being out of touch with the ordinary concerns of most people.
Since David Cameron become leader he as tried to change the image. He as tried to move the party to the center, make it seem more concerned about the people`s concerns such as the health service, education and the environment. The polls suggest at present that he as been successful in doing this and the public now view the party in a more positive light. I think the public are being fooled.
The leadership may have changed the image but the party is still the same. Its members are still largely racist in there attitudes. They are certainly homophobic and they still do not hold the same priorites as most people do. They are obsessed by the European Union, they believe the priority should be to spend on the arm forces before health and education and they still value money over everything else.
The National health service is the most loved institution in this county but Conservative party members want to see spending on it cut and it privatised and replaced by a profit before people service.
The Conservative part is a wolf in sheep`s clothing and the public should not full for this deception!!